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Thailand is surrounded by various dental care clinics that have been in the industry for many years. Here, residents and even tourists can enjoy having white and clean teeth through the expert and professional dentists and specialists in each dental clinic. One of them is the Doctor Smile Dental Clinic. This has been one of the most popular places to go for those who want to smile with confidence.

We are offering a wide array of dental care services that can meet the needs and standards of our clients. You can choose from them and we will find the necessary solutions if you have some dental problems. We confidently and proudly welcome you to try our dental services at reasonable costs. We can assure you that this dental clinic has been experienced in all forms of dental services.

We are also a specialist in Dental Crown Bridge. This dental clinic has been successful in providing the best dental service for those who want to achieve a perfect white smile. When it talks about dental crown and bridge, Doctor Smile Pattaya Dental practices are known to be the highest quality dental care provider. We can restore mouths that were damaged by different dental injuries, diseases and other common problems that are related in cosmetic dentistry.

Our main goal is centered to help the patients maintain and achieve optimum dental health through technological advancements. After these sessions, we make sure that we will maintain the scheduled oral health examinations. This way, we can easily distinguish if there are still some problems or improvements needed.

Tooth Crowns

The crown is the permanent covering which fits over the original tooth. This tooth may be cracked, damaged, or decayed. Dental crowns are composed of various materials like acrylic resin, gold, porcelain or a mixture of them. The material that emphasizes a more natural appearance is porcelain.

There are several factors that affect the breakage, cracking or wearing down of the teeth. These can be fillings, tooth decay, improper bite, grinding the teeth or age. These crowns have been covering the whole visible surfaces of the affected tooth. They are responsible for adding durability, stability and strength to the tooth.

We are going to spot any affected areas on your mouth that may brought up tooth damages. When we saw that it needs for crowns, we are going to do the necessary steps to get the process started. Chewing patterns have a crucial role in dental crown bridge. Through selective grinding the back and middle teeth tips (cusps), we are going to alter your bite in order to lessen the stress on your at-risk teeth.

In some cases, dental crowns have been employed in replacing the real damaged tooth. The crowns will be anchored to your teeth on along with bridge sections that will connect the 2 crowns. Instead of having bridges, we can make use of “single tooth dental implants” to remove the requirement of crowns support. We will always provide you options so you know what can be the most ideal thing to do for your oral health.

Attaching Tooth Crowns to Your Tooth

Through the help of our expert cosmetic dentist, he will be making a tooth impression as well as dental laboratories to create your crown. Typically, you are going to leave our office while wearing temporary crowns. This is because the permanent crown is still created and it usually takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

This permanent crown will be cemented to your tooth and we recommend you to visit us twice for this procedure. In most cases, the preliminary tooth restoration will be required before your crown is placed. In order to stabilize the tooth, filing should be placed prior to crown placing because of losing the original structure of the tooth. Tooth crowns may last from 10 to 15 years.

In several cases, the cosmetic specialist may also prefer using Flipper instead of utilizing temporary crowns. The Flipper refers to the false tooth used to temporarily occupy the place of your missing tooth

just before placing the permanent crown. It can also be attached through either a plastic or a wire piece that perfectly fits to the mouth roof. Flippers have been meant to obtain temporary solutions while waiting for the permanent crowns.

How does A Dental Crown Looks?

Many people who want to try dental crowns are asking if they will feel and look natural. The porcelain dental crowns feels and looks exactly like your real tooth. Thus, you may not actually tell the difference between them. Your dental crown can also enhance the way you smile. Having a dental CROWN BRIDGE can be very beneficial to you. Certain individuals across the globe have been trying this kind of dental care service especially if they found out that they are qualified for this process.

Dental Veneer

As you visit Pattaya, Thailand, there many interesting and exciting things you can do in it. You may enjoy the beautiful beaches, amazing night clubs, and fantastic life style that the residents usually have. Probably, one of the most fulfilling things to do is to visit a particular dental clinic. If you finally decided that you want to improve your smile or oral health, you can visit Doctor Smile Dental Clinic to do the necessary treatment or process for you.

We have been offering a wide variety of oral health care solutions and services to match your needs and expectations. We specialize at Dental Veneers and we apply advanced and latest technologies and techniques for extra care and convenience. We are always focused on the goals of our patients to maintain and achieve an exceptional oral health.

We would like to inform you that we are not just performing different oral treatment processes. Before we finalize our decision, we make sure that we are going to provide you with significant options in order to choose the best service you deserve. We carefully perform evaluations and checkups for the tooth condition to see if there are other problems or issues present in your teeth.

Knowing More about Dental Veneer

Dental veneers are also called dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers. They are the custom-made and wafer-thin tooth-colored material shells. They have been designed for covering the teeth’s front surface in order to enhance their appearance as you smile. These tooth-colored shells have been bonded right at the teeth’s front area. They also change in size, length, color and shape.

Dental veneers can be created from porcelain or even from resin composite material. These porcelain veneers are responsible for resisting stains better compared to the resin veneers. In addition, they can better imitate the light that reflects the natural teeth properties. Resin veneers have been thinner and they need some tooth surface removal before placing them. Here at Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Clinic, we will discuss everything about this process before we get started.

Different Problems that Dental Veneers Fix

In the first place, you may not be totally aware of the other oral problems that dental veneer can fix. Through Doctor Smile Dental Clinic, you are going to learn about them and determine if you can have dental veneer soon. These types of problems are the following:

  • Teeth that have been worn down
  • Teeth that have been discolored either due to big resin fillings presence which were discolored by the tooth, or due to stains from excessive fluoride, tetracycline or root canal treatments.
  • Teeth that have been broken or chipped
  • Teeth that have been uneven, irregularly shaped, or misaligned (for instance, there are bulges or craters in them)
  • Teeth that have gaps in between
How to Get Dental Veneer

The process of obtaining a dental veneer usually needs 3 visits to our cosmetic dentist. The first visit is for consultation, the second is for making and application of the veneers. Many teeth or one tooth may simultaneously get into veneering process such as the following:

Treatment Planning and Diagnosis – this has been the very first step which includes active participation (you and our dentist). You have to explain to our expert dentist about the result you wanted to achieve. There are some important things that should be observed by the dentist. Preparation – for veneer preparation, our licensed dentists will be removing some amount of enamel out of your tooth surface.

This is usually the amount almost equivalent to the veneer’s thickness which has been embedded to your tooth surface. After that, our dentist will be creating a model of the tooth. It will be sent to the dental laboratory to construct the veneer. In most circumstances, the process takes one to two weeks for us to receive these veneers back. Bonding – before your dental veneer is permanently placed on your tooth, we are going to put it temporarily on the tooth. This is to examine the veneer’s color and fit. Expect that the dentist will be removing and trimming that veneer if necessary to make sure that it perfectly fits. The next step is to prepare the tooth in receiving the veneer. The dentist will be cleaning, polishing and etching your tooth. This way, the tooth will get roughened to let a strong process of bonding. There will be special cement applied to your veneer before placing it on the tooth.

The final steps include elimination of the excess cement, evaluation of the bite and making final adjustment to your dental veneers if necessary. Our dentist will be asking you to come back for a follow up consultation after some weeks. This is because he or she is going to check if the gums respond well to the presence of the veneer.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be simply defined as placing an artificial tooth in the gums. This procedure is done if a person does not want to have dentures. There are people who would prefer dental implant instead of having a denture. It is because dental implant is much comfortable than having a denture. Dental implant is like an original tooth and it looks like a real tooth because of the technique and equipments that a dentist uses.

If you there’s a gap between your teeth then dental implant will be the best option for it. This eliminates the discomfort that dentures can give you. It is also easy to clean because it is properly placed in the gum line. An implanted tooth will have not given you tooth ache because the implanted is an artificial tooth. The benefits of having a dental implant are far better than dentures. The procedure of dental implant can be slightly painful but with the help of the local anesthesia, the onset of pain will be prevented.

Who can have and Benefit from Dental Implant?

For those people who suffer from a broken tooth, tooth ache and teeth that have been affected by improper cleaning methods, dental implants are highly recommended. The dentists from Dental Smile among the most experienced professionals when it comes to dental implant. They use advanced methods and techniques that can provide the best satisfaction for their patients. They also use the latest dental equipment that will offer fast and efficient dental implants.

The safety of their patients is the main priority of Doctor Smile, and they will only provide quality dental service every time. Dental implant is also considered as a dental cosmetic that can arrange, fix and restore the total health of the teeth and gums of a person. The teeth can be damaged by dental disease, injury and other kinds of dental problems that greatly affect them. This is where Doctor Smile comes in; they are simply the expert when it comes to proper oral health care. They can provide every customer the best service that can restore their teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure

The procedure of dental implants is slightly painful because the real tooth will be replaced by a titanium alloy screw that will be screwed directly into your jaw. The titanium screw will serve as the root of the artificial tooth that will connected on the top of the screw which will hold the artificial tooth properly. There can be no difference between the implanted tooth and your natural tooth. This is basically the best option for people who prefer dental implants instead of dentures.Dental implants are best for people who have healthy teeth replacing the broken tooth can be easily done in no time. This will ensure that other teeth will not be affected by the broken tooth. Replacing it as soon as possible is essential to avoid further damage into your teeth.

Dental implant is basically not appropriate for everyone. There are some criteria that a person must pass in order to have a dental implant. These specifications are strictly implemented to avoid significant damage into the person’s oral health.

For example, if a person is suffering from bone loss or he/she has an existing disease then that person cannot undergo a dental implant. Bone loss is very common among people, and this can affect their bone throughout their life. They can’t also undergo dental implants even if they wanted to because the titanium screw will be implanted first in the jaw bone.

If the person has a weak bone, screwing a titanium screw can be dangerous because it can provide damage in the jaw. Pre-existing dental disease can also affect dental implants. If a person is diagnosed with a disease, dental implants will not be appropriate for that person because it can affect his or her overall health.

Dental implants consist of three primary parts that are made to replace the natural tooth in your mouth. These parts will act as the new tooth in your mouth and they have the same appearance with your natural teeth. The implant is a titanium screw that will be connect into the jaw, on the top of the crew is the abutment which will serve as the connector for the artificial tooth. The last part is the crown is a fabricated tooth especially made to match your teeth.

Dental Implant Features
  • Titanium screw – this is the main implant that will hold the artificial tooth. The titanium screw will be connected directly into the jaw bone of a person.
  • Abutment – the abutment is the part of the screw that will serve as the connecting point of the artificial tooth.
  • Crown or Tooth – this is the artificial tooth that dentist fabricates using tooth like materials that will resemble a natural tooth appearance.

Root Canal Treatment

Your tooth may suffer from severe pain and there are various treatments that can be considered for it. However, these treatments may depend on the cause of your problem. The root canal treatment is a common procedure that is required to be performed in order to save and protect your tooth. This treatment is not painful although you may experience slight discomfort throughout the procedure. In fact, most patients who have undergone this treatment were able to recover with no trouble and their tooth is saved for the sake of their lives.

Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Thailand is one of the leading dental offices where you can avail root canal treatment. We provide various dental services with guaranteed top quality to restore dental health which is commonly damaged by many dental diseases, injuries and usual dental problems which need cosmetic dentistry. The main goal that we have for our clients is no other than but achieving and maintaining excellent oral health with the help of the advances in strategies and technologies. It also involves maintaining the scheduled dental examinations.

What is Root Canal?

Once the nerve of your tooth dies, it requires the removal of the infected tissues. This can only be done by means of tooth extraction or by using the root canal treatment. The removal of infection from your tooth & filling its canal where the damaged nerve was taken out is known as the endodontic treatment or root canal treatment.

What is the Importance of Root Canal?

Your tooth has nerves which are prone to infections. The problem may take place due to various reasons. If your tooth starts to decay deeply, it can affect the nerve. There are other instances which can lead you to this condition. If your tooth got damaged by an accident, the fractured tooth may expose its nerve which will make it prone to infection.

Likewise, there are times that a simple blow to your tooth may trigger death to its nerve or it can become infected. Regardless of the reason, the nerve of your tooth will become infected and to save the tooth, the tissue of that infected nerve should be removed. You may choose to undergo tooth extraction but it can be painful and you will lose the tooth to be extracted. If you want a better option, you may choose root canal treatment.

Usually, an infected root canal must be treated prior the infection gets into your bone. When the infected was left untreated earlier, extreme pain and swelling might be developed. Further complications may start to arise so root canal treatment should be considered whenever it is required to be done. We can help you save your tooth through this treatment.

To avoid complications, you have to pay attention to your teeth. You should consider the importance of having regular dental examinations. Your teeth must be checked during at the first signs of dental disease. This will be helpful a lot in avoiding the onset of complications which can bring more burden on your part.

The Benefit of Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is proven to be highly beneficial as it can help the patients in several ways. This treatment will eliminate the infection right at the pulp and it also gives utmost relief for pain. Most people think that the procedure will trigger pain that can be unbearable. Our dentists take precautionary measures and they are well-familiar with this particular dental treatment. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you choose us to render root canal treatment to you.

Here at Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Thailand, you can always be sure that your tooth will get the utmost care it needs. We guarantee you that we offer one-stop dental treatment service as well as a tourism package which is exclusively offered to all tourists who come here in Thailand. Our company is considered as among the leading companies in this industry.

Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Thailand comes with a group of highly qualified and certified specialists and dentists who are also working in the most popular hospitals that are located at Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and in other areas of Thailand. They are all here to take care of you and provide you what your teeth needs. We provide top standard services for dental care which includes the root canal treatment. All necessary dental services that you want to avail are all offered here at Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Thailand.

We are also one of the best choices of most patients when it comes to costs. We are proud to say that our dental services are of high quality and guaranteed 100% satisfaction. What makes us different from other dental offices out there is that we offer our services at reasonable costs but we do not compromise the quality. Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Thailand offers the 1st class root canal treatment at a very affordable cost.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the services that you can avail when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist has a variety of techniques and equipment that can provide the best result in tooth whitening. He or she can restore and maintain the oral health of a person within a short period of time. This will be achieved with the use advanced dental equipment and techniques that can provide long lasting effect and the best oral health.

The discoloration of your teeth can be caused by several factors. There are liquid beverages that can cause rapid discoloration of the teeth and these are coffee, soft drinks and smoking. Normally, people love these beverages and

some of them spend their free time with their favorite cigarette brands. These are the primary factors that can greatly affect the discoloration of teeth, but with the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist, making your teeth white and shining is never impossible.

Who can have a Tooth Whitening Treatment

For people who are suffering from discoloration of teeth the best way to restore those white and shining teeth is by going to the dentist specialist. At Doctor Smile, all of your dental problems will have several solutions that can effectively cure and meet your needs. Tooth whitening treatment is like having your teeth cleaned, but the expert dentists in Doctor Smile will not only clean and whiten your teeth. They will also provide you with some helpful advice that can help prevent teeth discoloration to reoccur.

They will also conduct regular dental check-up that will provide many benefits that you deserve. The common way of tooth whitening is by using the whitening chemical called peroxide. This liquid substance basically removes the stain in the tooth while restoring its natural color. Today, the latest tooth whitening equipment can be completed in just 1 hour, and the result can be automatically seen right after the treatment.

Laser Tooth Whitening

Laser tooth whitening is the latest procedure that the dentist of Doctor Smile uses. This type of treatment is considered to be cheaper compared to other types of tooth whitening method that most dentists use until now. The procedure will only take 45 minutes of your time, and the result can be seen instantly after the treatment.

Laser tooth whitening uses a beam from diodes that produce the laser light. The laser light will then be focused on a particular area where there is a discolored tooth. This tooth whitening procedure is now very popular because it can provide fast and effective treatment in less than 1 hour. The procedure of laser tooth whitening is very simple. First, the dentist will use a bleaching substance that will clean the teeth from different types of stains.

Hydrogen peroxide gel is the common whitening agent that dentists use before they begin the laser treatment. The whitening agent will simply remove all the stain and colors that are caused by chemicals and other types of oral problems. After the whitening agents were applied, the laser treatment will start. This will require proper handling and years of experience in tooth whitening methods.

The laser will be focused on each tooth that is covered with the whitening agent. The whitening agent will be activated by the controlled laser light that will eventually clean and whitens the tooth. The procedure is painless, and the patient will not feel any kind of discomfort during and after the treatment. The only thing that the patient will have is beautiful white and shiny teeth in just 1 hour. The laser whitening procedure is proven safe by many dentist and experts because it doesn’t provide any sort of damage in the teeth especially on the tooth enamel surface.

Laser Tooth Whitening Features
  • Totally safe laser light that will not provide any types of discomfort.
  • The fastest and cheapest way to have a white and clean tooth.
  • The laser treatment can last up to 3 years and more with proper dental care.
  • he laser whitening procedure is recommended by dentists. These will not provide any types of damage into your teeth.
  • This procedure is perfect for anyone who is having problems with their discolored teeth.