dental crown bridge


Thailand is surrounded by various dental care clinics that have been in the industry for many years. Here, residents and even tourists can enjoy having white and clean teeth through the expert and professional dentists and specialists in each dental clinic. One of them is the Doctor Smile Dental Clinic. This has been one of the most popular places to go for those who want to smile with confidence.

We are offering a wide array of dental care services that can meet the needs and standards of our clients. You can choose from them and we will find the necessary solutions if you have some dental problems. We confidently and proudly welcome you to try our dental services at reasonable costs. We can assure you that this dental clinic has been experienced in all forms of dental services.

We are also a specialist in Dental Crown Bridge. This dental clinic has been successful in providing the best dental service for those who want to achieve a perfect white smile. When it talks about dental crown and bridge, Doctor Smile Pattaya Dental practices are known to be the highest quality dental care provider. We can restore mouths that were damaged by different dental injuries, diseases and other common problems that are related in cosmetic dentistry.

Our main goal is centered to help the patients maintain and achieve optimum dental health through technological advancements. After these sessions, we make sure that we will maintain the scheduled oral health examinations. This way, we can easily distinguish if there are still some problems or improvements needed.

Tooth Crowns

The crown is the permanent covering which fits over the original tooth. This tooth may be cracked, damaged, or decayed. Dental crowns are composed of various materials like acrylic resin, gold, porcelain or a mixture of them. The material that emphasizes a more natural appearance is porcelain.

There are several factors that affect the breakage, cracking or wearing down of the teeth. These can be fillings, tooth decay, improper bite, grinding the teeth or age. These crowns have been covering the whole visible surfaces of the affected tooth. They are responsible for adding durability, stability and strength to the tooth.

We are going to spot any affected areas on your mouth that may brought up tooth damages. When we saw that it needs for crowns, we are going to do the necessary steps to get the process started. Chewing patterns have a crucial role in dental crown bridge. Through selective grinding the back and middle teeth tips (cusps), we are going to alter your bite in order to lessen the stress on your at-risk teeth.

In some cases, dental crowns have been employed in replacing the real damaged tooth. The crowns will be anchored to your teeth on along with bridge sections that will connect the 2 crowns. Instead of having bridges, we can make use of “single tooth dental implants” to remove the requirement of crowns support. We will always provide you options so you know what can be the most ideal thing to do for your oral health.

Attaching Tooth Crowns to Your Tooth

Through the help of our expert cosmetic dentist, he will be making a tooth impression as well as dental laboratories to create your crown. Typically, you are going to leave our office while wearing temporary crowns. This is because the permanent crown is still created and it usually takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

This permanent crown will be cemented to your tooth and we recommend you to visit us twice for this procedure. In most cases, the preliminary tooth restoration will be required before your crown is placed. In order to stabilize the tooth, filing should be placed prior to crown placing because of losing the original structure of the tooth. Tooth crowns may last from 10 to 15 years.

In several cases, the cosmetic specialist may also prefer using Flipper instead of utilizing temporary crowns. The Flipper refers to the false tooth used to temporarily occupy the place of your missing tooth

just before placing the permanent crown. It can also be attached through either a plastic or a wire piece that perfectly fits to the mouth roof. Flippers have been meant to obtain temporary solutions while waiting for the permanent crowns.

How does A Dental Crown Looks?

Many people who want to try dental crowns are asking if they will feel and look natural. The porcelain dental crowns feels and looks exactly like your real tooth. Thus, you may not actually tell the difference between them. Your dental crown can also enhance the way you smile. Having a dental CROWN BRIDGE can be very beneficial to you. Certain individuals across the globe have been trying this kind of dental care service especially if they found out that they are qualified for this process.