dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be simply defined as placing an artificial tooth in the gums. This procedure is done if a person does not want to have dentures. There are people who would prefer dental implant instead of having a denture. It is because dental implant is much comfortable than having a denture. Dental implant is like an original tooth and it looks like a real tooth because of the technique and equipments that a dentist uses.

If you there’s a gap between your teeth then dental implant will be the best option for it. This eliminates the discomfort that dentures can give you. It is also easy to clean because it is properly placed in the gum line. An implanted tooth will have not given you tooth ache because the implanted is an artificial tooth. The benefits of having a dental implant are far better than dentures. The procedure of dental implant can be slightly painful but with the help of the local anesthesia, the onset of pain will be prevented.

Who can have and Benefit from Dental Implant?

For those people who suffer from a broken tooth, tooth ache and teeth that have been affected by improper cleaning methods, dental implants are highly recommended. The dentists from Dental Smile among the most experienced professionals when it comes to dental implant. They use advanced methods and techniques that can provide the best satisfaction for their patients. They also use the latest dental equipment that will offer fast and efficient dental implants.

The safety of their patients is the main priority of Doctor Smile, and they will only provide quality dental service every time. Dental implant is also considered as a dental cosmetic that can arrange, fix and restore the total health of the teeth and gums of a person. The teeth can be damaged by dental disease, injury and other kinds of dental problems that greatly affect them. This is where Doctor Smile comes in; they are simply the expert when it comes to proper oral health care. They can provide every customer the best service that can restore their teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure

The procedure of dental implants is slightly painful because the real tooth will be replaced by a titanium alloy screw that will be screwed directly into your jaw. The titanium screw will serve as the root of the artificial tooth that will connected on the top of the screw which will hold the artificial tooth properly. There can be no difference between the implanted tooth and your natural tooth. This is basically the best option for people who prefer dental implants instead of dentures.Dental implants are best for people who have healthy teeth replacing the broken tooth can be easily done in no time. This will ensure that other teeth will not be affected by the broken tooth. Replacing it as soon as possible is essential to avoid further damage into your teeth.

Dental implant is basically not appropriate for everyone. There are some criteria that a person must pass in order to have a dental implant. These specifications are strictly implemented to avoid significant damage into the person’s oral health.

For example, if a person is suffering from bone loss or he/she has an existing disease then that person cannot undergo a dental implant. Bone loss is very common among people, and this can affect their bone throughout their life. They can’t also undergo dental implants even if they wanted to because the titanium screw will be implanted first in the jaw bone.

If the person has a weak bone, screwing a titanium screw can be dangerous because it can provide damage in the jaw. Pre-existing dental disease can also affect dental implants. If a person is diagnosed with a disease, dental implants will not be appropriate for that person because it can affect his or her overall health.

Dental implants consist of three primary parts that are made to replace the natural tooth in your mouth. These parts will act as the new tooth in your mouth and they have the same appearance with your natural teeth. The implant is a titanium screw that will be connect into the jaw, on the top of the crew is the abutment which will serve as the connector for the artificial tooth. The last part is the crown is a fabricated tooth especially made to match your teeth.

Dental Implant Features
  • Titanium screw – this is the main implant that will hold the artificial tooth. The titanium screw will be connected directly into the jaw bone of a person.
  • Abutment – the abutment is the part of the screw that will serve as the connecting point of the artificial tooth.
  • Crown or Tooth – this is the artificial tooth that dentist fabricates using tooth like materials that will resemble a natural tooth appearance.